Untold Tales Of Savannah Tours

    we bring history back to life this tour will leave you sitting on the edge of your seats you will see the characters unfold right before your eyes you will experience their pain hurts and share laughter and tears as the historical slave tours Are re-enacted.

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Join us as we bring history to life in a very unique way this Re-enactment tour will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as this the stories unfold before your eyes listen to Mamma Sue as she tells about the hurt,pain, and fun share the laughter and tears as she reveals the paths least taken in Savannah ,she will take you off the beaten path and reveal the untold tales we will be singing ,dancing and soon much more the voodoo women, the Mercer House The Pirate House,garden of good and evil Tour told like never before through the eyes of Momma Sue and much much more.. Book your tickets for groups of 10 or more.